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Thursday, May 16, 2013

SWATCHFEST: LOOK Beauty Double Hit Lip

Hooray for my second blog entry for this year, LOL! 

Im super giddy to share my review for LOOK Beauty's Double Hit Lip since yesterday but my internet connection was really sucky so I decided to take a bit more time testing out the products before I give my final verdict. Just a short background for those who havent heard about LOOK Beauty Cosmetics yet -- just like TheBodyShop, LOOK Beauty is a drugstore brand in the UK and the quality is at par with some high-end brands Ive tried. 

Today Im going to review Double Hit Lip. It says on the website that its "universally flattering and as tan enhancing as a white dress, these colour pop shades look amazing, whether gloriously glossy or not! All the trends covered - matte, glossy or combine the two."

Sounds Good, right?

Hang on and read more after the Jump! 

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Below is an indoor photo of all 5 tubes that I have. The colors are awesome and although the first one may look scary on the tube cause it looks too lavender-ish/purplish, believe me, all colors are very much wearable, and surprisingly, even the peach one looked nice on me. 

I love that one tube holds both gloss and lipstick I also love that the color of the gloss is exactly the color of the lipstick hidden on the other end of the tube. 

See how they are of the same color?
(this shade is my fave, #3) 

The tube says it covers 2 purposes - a matte lippy and a gloss or you can use both. 

The gloss comes with a doe-foot applicator, germophobes or makeup hygiene-junkies like me may want to use a disposable wand with this to prolong its shelf life and to ensure that the glosses are free from any bacterial contamination.

Here's another group shot under natural daylight. The colors are very summery and fresh.

and a closer look of the colors..
Can you guess which one is my favorite? ^_^

First up for this set of swatches is Double Hit Lip #1 in Berry Blast

Was really doubtful if the color would suit me, surprisingly, it did and I love it! 

Next up is #2 in Citrus Kick

Here's another shade that usually doesnt look nice on me -- coral / orange-y lippies.
This particular shade has a very nice lip tint effect to it, some degree of sheerness that adds a pop of color to your lips without the brightness of typical orange lippies.
I love it. I love that it didnt make me look darker like most orange lipsticks do.

The next one's my favorite. Pink lippies have a special place in my heart and this shade is pure love! 
#3 Pink Punch

On the tube, it looks bright, but when applied, it just gives that perfect clean pink hue. 
Definitely a must-have! 

Next one's another great alternative for lip tints.
#4 Red Alert

This is the effect that I always try to achieve with lip tints. Just a subtle hint of color. 
This would replace my benetint gloss/balm. Its like Benetint Balm in stick form ^_^ 

Saving the best for last. If NARS Orgasm was a lipstick,
 it would be Double Hit Lip in #5 Rose Riot

It has the perfect balance of pink and peach plus a very subtle hint of gold iridescence. 

Overall, I love this product. The color selection is nice - although they only have 5 shades to choose from, all of them are wearable and I guess all of them would suit most skintones. They are lightly scented too, reminiscent of the scent of creme brulee (LOL). 
The formula is awesome, very smooth and they glide on like butter! The texture and finish reminds me of Korres Mango Butter Lipstick which I also love, not sticky and it doesnt feel heavy even when then gloss+lipstick is layered.

Theyre a bit sheer so expect to reapply after a couple of hours or so. Wouldnt mind reapplying since they smell yummy! 

Loves it! Didnt dry my lips out and didnt have to use a moisturizing balm as base. 

Definitely a must have and definitely back up worthy! 

Shelf life is short - 6 months. But since theyre super nice, I think Id be able to use up a tube before it "expires". LOL 

Php 580.00 for a pop. 
Not bad since its like buying 2 products for the price of one. 

Dont we just love it when local sellers carry brands that are not available locally? 
Chic Cosmetics Manila has them. Its a plus that the sellers are very nice too! 
Check their page for more imported brands.

Have you tried LOOK Beauty cosmetics before?
Let me know what you think. 

PS : Next review will be swatches for LOOK Beauty Loud Lips. 

Smooches and Hugs!

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