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Monday, April 22, 2013

Beauty Bargain: Sally Hansen Get In Shape Brow Shapers

I'm back! LOL!

Whats up everyone? :) 

Was MIA for ages and I wanna be honest, I just wanted to cool down from something that happened to me online. One thing is for sure though, I dont wanna abandon this blog forever and I surely missed posting my random babbles about beauty stuff and everything under the sun. 

For a while, I also "forgot" about online shopping (o yea! nagbago na ko LOL) but just recently, my (the coolest and ever so loving) Mom asked me if I know anyone selling stuff she can gift to our staff for Xmas, I showed her Meg's eBay account- jnlink777, and because of this, I felt the urge to browse Meg's stuff also and came across some really nice stuff that are (as always) cheap and of good quality. First to review is the Sally Hansen Get In Shape Brow Shaper Set. 

I prefer shaving than plucking/waxing/threading when it comes to brow grooming, and for how many years now, Ive been on a hunt for the perfect brow razor to replace the ones I used to buy from Watsons coz they dont sell 'em anymore. All they have are those humongous brow razors that are just way too long (the blade part, I mean) for my liking. 

So here's my in-depth (as if. LOL!) review for the Sally Hansen brow razors : 

When we talk about grooming and beauty stuff, Sally Hansen has got to be one of the best and the most popular. From the packaging to the razor, I give this product 5 stars. The size of the blade is just right, Its also the kind of razor that has blade guards to protect you from getting cuts/nicks, that's also one of the reasons why I hate those that are locally available, aside from the fact that they dont have those blade guards, the length of the blades are way too long. 

Each wand serves 3 purposes: a brow brush, a lash/brow comb and of course, the razor. I love how I can stash this in my kit just in case I see a stray brow or if I need to tame my brows into place. 

It's definitely back-up worthy since I dont think its locally available, or if it is, Im sure it would cost more than the price I got it for. I only got 5 packs though since thats all thats left of Meg's stocks *sobs*

I paid Php 114.00 per pack. 

I bought mine from Meg/ ID : jnlink777.
US drugstores definitely have them just in case anyone's interested. 
Ulta sells them for a little over $4 per pack, while TrueBeautyBrands sell them for $2. 

There goes my first blog entry for 2013. ^_^ 



  1. I missed u! hope u make more posts soon :)


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