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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Building Up My Stash! ^_^

I find it funny that after taking a break from buying makeup, I found something else to splurge on. Well Im not really splurging on this "new"or should I say revived addiction since Im quite good at looking for cheapie deals for them, but Im just fascinated by how much my collection grew in a span of a week. LOL! 

Back in May 2011, I blogged about Kawaii Gadget Swings/Danglers, and my mini collection of Hello Kitty/Sanrio cellphone swings was just around 15-20 back then

some time last week, I "met" a new friend on facebook, she collects charms as well and I learned that she frequents this blog din.
And because I got jealous (inggitera much? LOL!) with how much she had on their Sanrio Charm stash, I started searching ebay and facebook for sellers of Sanrio Charms and was able to build my stash to this : 

from the time I took that picture to this date, I was able to score around 30 more charms to add to my humble sanrio charm stash. 

Not that Im trying to justify this new addiction but I honestly think this is better than collecting plushies or bigger items that can add up to the clutter I already have too much of in my bedroom. ^_^ 

Price range for these charms by the way is Php 40.00 - Php 250.00 per piece. 
Way cheaper by a few hundreds than buying directly from Gift Gate. :) 


  1. that's so cute!!! i wanna have one!!! hehehhe!

  2. I saw Kokeshi dolls at Make Room in High Street kanina and I thought of you :)

  3. OMG! You just have the cutest stuff ALWAYS! *Inggit* XD

  4. kawaii :D i had a mini stuffed toys buying months too hehe then shifted to makeup XD oh well hehe your collection is so cute =3

  5. Can you please share the ebay link where you got your Sanrio charms?



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