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Monday, December 5, 2011

Whats Up, Everyone? :)

I took a little break from blogging to attend to personal responsibilities at home. ^_^ 
Im really sorry for the lack of updates, but now that Im back on track, I promise to 
keep up with posting new entries on this blog hopefully one entry per day so I can catch up. 

So, hows everyone? 
I wanna thank everyone who emailed me asking me to come back to blogging -- I didnt quit ladies, I just took a little break, thanks for missing me! <3 smooches to you guyssss! 

So today Im gonna share what Ive been buying lately. LOL! 
Im not a fan of facebook and I decided to create an account just to check on the sellers who have been "stealing" photos from my page, and for some odd reason, online shopping found its way to enter the picture. Not gonna talk about makeup this time, and for the love of kawaii stuff, my hunger pangs for cute stuff was revived. 

I love cute stuff and I love thrift shopping and when you put them together, Ill surely be doomed. Facebook shopping can be a bit tricky since Im used to shopping via eBay where you can check for sales feedbacks before purchasing, on facebook, its a different story, you have to be extra careful. 

Oh! I wanna share pala my purchases from the most generous ebay seller ive transacted with. Im so happy with my purchases from her, it brought back memories of my childhood. 
Aliw lang. hehe!

I paid Php 60.00 for 3 sets of stationeries from the 90's. 
I thought it was a great deal because each set costs Php 20.00 each and all of them are from Sanrio and Lisa Frank. 

I asked the seller if she has more stationeries to dispose, and she said there werent any and that she will just throw in a few notepads as freebies. 

I was surprised when Air21 delivered my package and it was huge and it weighed 3kilos! LOL! 

And its all because of these freebies (mas madami pa sa binili ko LOL!)

Im shallow, alright? But these things really bring back memories of my childhood. I remember saving up just to purchase stationery sets and packets of kisses (those scented silicone beads, can you guys relate? haha!)

Im also lucky I was able to find legit sellers of *kicks myself* toys (LOL!) on facebook. 
Sharing my purchases : 
(you guys wouldnt believe how cheap they are)

This is what I initially wanted to purchase, a gem-shaped coinbank which I plan to use as a container for my Hello Kitty/Sanrio charm collection. 
it costs Php 50.00 and its from Sanrio too! 
If youre not familiar with the characters, they are from the Jewelpets line, 
I think its the collaboration of Sega and Sanrio, they came up with kawaii animal characters. 

The case flips open and its very roomy. Super cute because its pink and its glittery! 

To maximize the cost of shipping, I grabbed a lot sale of random mini toys  for Php 20.00 which had this glittery fish, its made of soft rubber but I filled it with silicone so it would be tougher. ^_^ 

and this cute piggy bee charm

plus this brand new Sanrio cinnamoroll mirror

and this kawaii glitter jelly octopus. so cute makes me wanna bite her! LOL!

Remember when I went thrift shopping in Tagaytay and I came across a bunch of mini japanese stationery strips? I also got a notepad from the same facebook seller for just 
Php 20.00.

From another seller, I got a set of acrylic figures of Jewelpet characters. 
I placed them on top of my telly and I improvised a small stand by using a toothbrush case
hahaha! :D 

Can you believe they are happymeal toys from McDonalds? Theyre from HongKong and I cant believe how nice the quality is, happymeal toys in the Philippines are usually blah. Agree? Those things on top of their heads are square loops which thread thru a bangle which I removed already, their eyes light up when you pull them. Im such a kiddo at heart. haha! 

Theyre all so adorable. I love them to bits!
Like I mentioned, these came from McDonalds, these toys were released some time ago (i really have no idea) and I just bought them at Php35.00 each. 

Theres one more character thats missing in this set, was able to find one already but its still with the courier, Id be able to include that on my next post nalang. 

Online shopping is really fun and convenient, I also love how thrift stores are starting to sell their stuff online na din. ^_^

Sorry for this shallow post, just wanted to share my recent discoveries! LOL! 



  1. Oh my god. I have that Air Dunk stationery! Had pala, nung high school pa yun :) Ang galing!

  2. Welcome back babyjap! We miss you! Btw, I have the same Tickles pad (the bear holding a heart) when I was in High school! Aliw to see that they still make those pala :)

  3. @Krys : aliw how old the sheets are, right? ako naman tanda ko first pack ko ng stationery is yung kagaya nung zashikibuta na brown and beige ang sheets, naalala ko kabataan ko LOL!

  4. @Bec : thank you bec! *hugs* i believe those pads are siguro 5-10 years old na, collection yan ng seller that she sent to me as freebies, im not sure if they still have them sa tickles. :D

  5. OMG! yung stationeries, meron ako nun lahat dati. Sadly, Ive outgrown them and I gave them away sa mga mas bata sakin that time. Brings back memories. Oh I wanna buy those stickers. Para sa planner ko :))

  6. I also love collecting stationaries! I love yours!

  7. I was wondering where you were :) Glad to have you back! I just did a little reminiscing when I saw those Lisa Frank & Sanrio stationery - my cousin and I used to collect them when we were younger :)

  8. Welcome back! Ang ganda kasi ng swatches mo kaya daming online shops na walang awang kumukuha. Hehe. Anyway, love thooose stickers, notepads, etc. Use to collect 'em when I was a kid and may mga maswerteng natira ngayon. Hehe. Will wait for your reviews! :D

  9. sanrio and lisa frank collector din ako BEFORE.. hindi ko na alam kung saan yung akin at 1 box yun ng unused stationery.. love ko din yung lisa frank tapes na yan.. i used to stick mine everywhere.. kahit sa uniform (para maiba).. lol!!

  10. oh my gosh! mahilig din ako magcollect! :D swap naman tayo minsan! :) san mo ba nabibiliu yang mga yan? :) suggest ka naman sakin ng mga magandang pagbilan oh! :)


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