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Sunday, May 19, 2013


Everyone who knows me can attest that Im a real sucker for blushes.
I get really hyper whenever I see new ones in the market and there used to be times that Id end up hoarding all the shades (even the ones that doesnt look nice on me. LOL!).
Having so much makeup in my stash - even forgot about owning some of them, I felt really guilty thats why I had to take a break from online shopping and blogging for about a year, of course I also had to avoid GT (Female Network's GirlTalk forum) since I easily get tempted to try out new stuff other makeup junkies are raving about (inggitera lang? LOL)
Was able to purchase a few makeup items during my "break" but I made sure they were makeup kit staples like foundies and lipsticks (still hoarded some LOL). Since I started wearing makeup,  Ive always been a sucker for glosses -- from clear, tinted to sparkly ones and its just recently when I started to fall in love with lipsticks. 

To this date, I think I own more lippies than blushes and today Im going to review and show you guys swatches of LOOK Beauty's Loud Lips Lippies. 

Lets face it, women have a thing for stuff that comes in cute packaging. 
Love the color scheme and love the classy design that reminds me of Emilio Pucci prints. 

I have it in 7 shades. Loud Lips come in 8 shades though, the brighter orange shade isnt available when we ordered.

The lipstick tube is made of lightweight metal, Im guessing its aluminum, has a classy faint gold tone and closes thru a magnetic mechanism -- this reminds me of Guerlain Rouge G Lipsticks.
The thing is a bit bulky but I dont really mind since I tote around a huge makeup kit naman whenever Im out. My only beef for the packaging is that the magnetic mechanism is a bit weak, I wish it holds the cover stronger so it wont have the tendency to fall off whenever I fish for this lipstick inside my purse. 

Below are the swatches on my forearm. If I were to rate the coverage/opacity of these lipsticks, I would give it a 7 or an 8 out of 10. I find that its actually nice for people who doesnt want to look too made up since the colors are not too strong/overpowering. The consistency of the lippies sort of varies too, some have a slightly glossy finish while some are sort of matte. Pardon me since Im really bad at describing colors but I promise Ill try my best. LOL

Shade #1 is Baby Doll  - I used to have MAC Pink Nouveau and this one has a softer pink hue. 

Shade #2 is Tangerine Cream -- This one goes on lighter than how it looks from the tube. 
Reminds me of Peaches and Cream coz its a creamy/milky peach shade. Not too bright and it didnt make me look washed out like most milky shades do. 

Shade #3 is Rock Candy -- Hotpink but not too bright, love this much as I loved Pink Punch on my previous review (HERE). 

Shade #4 is Toffee Cup -- I rarely wear nude lipsticks since they make me look sickly and pale. But this one looked nice on me and  Im guessing its because it didnt completely conceal the natural color of my lips underneath. 

Shade #5 is Cherry Bomb -- True Red. No hints of orange or maroon here.

Shade #6 is Petal Nude -- this is nude with a hint of pink, if youre aiming for a no makeup look, this will be a great pick. If you just wanna enhance the color of your lips, go get this one. Its the classic my-lips-but-better shade. From all 7 shades of Loud Lips, this one has a different texture, has more moisture than the others. 

Shade #7 is Berry Vamp -- The color reminds me of red wine. Used this the other day when I just felt like wearing powder, liner and strong lips. Love how it made my complexion seem lighter. 

Overall, these lipsticks have the same buttery texture like Double Hit Lip Lipsticks, 
glides on easily except that this line has more coverage. I wish they offer more colors soon.
But come to think of it, its also nice that they have limited color selection since its easy to choose which ones to buy LOL. 

Given that the formula of these lipsticks are on the moist side, expect to reapply more often than if youre wearing true matte lipsticks. 
Expect to reapply every 3-4x in a day. 

Love them coz they didnt dry my lips out. 

Shades 3, 4 and 6 -- Highly Recommended and Definitely Back-Up Worthy!

Shelf life is 6months. Use a sanitized lip brush if you want to somehow prolong the lifespan of these lipsticks. 

Php 480.00 a pop. Not bad since the quality is nice too!

Got this set from 

Have a Great Weekend, Everyone! 

Smooches and Hugs!

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