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Sunday, October 23, 2011

NYX Swatchfest IX : NYX Matte Lipsticks

The long wait is finally over, I received a lot of requests for NYX Matte Lipstick Swatches and Im sharing them with you now. ^_^ 

I love glossy stuff since most matte lip products Ive tried in the past made my lips dry after save for NYX Soft Matte LCs and NYX Matte Lipsticks.
Theyre not moisturizing but neither do they make my lips dry & chapped even after long hours of wear -- even without lipbalm as base. 

Im ordering some for myself, and I hope you guys love the formula (and the fab shades) much as I do. :) 


Picture heavy post. 

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A tip I got from my mom : 
Make bold-colored lipsticks work better on you by wearing them matte. 

And I honestly think her advice makes sense, I couldnt pick any shade from this set that made me look blah. I think NYX Matte lipsticks could sit on my Top 3 NYX products. The formula, pigmentation & staying power is really nice. No need to worry about lippies bleeding onto the areas around your lips! These lipsticks lasted at least 4 hours on me even if I have this weird habit of touching my lips once in a while to smoothen out my lipcolor. 


To Order, click on the image below


Have a great week ahead, lovely ladies! 

Dont forget to leave a message sharing your fave shade from this set. :) 
If you have tried NYX Matte Lipsticks, Id love to hear your take on them too! Feel free to leave a reply. *smooches and hugs* for everyone! 


  1. What shades do you prefer? :) ang pretty ng lips mo :))

  2. love ur swatches! angel & strawberry daiquiri is my current fave =)

  3. to die for lips sis.

    anong difference nya sa soft matte sis?
    ruby woo-matte ba sya? schiap like matte?


  4. @Anonymous Hello! :) Thanks for the kind words! I have a bunch of faves from this set eh. Shocking Pink, Indie Flick, Summer Breeze, Pure Red, Natural, Perfect Red, Tea Rose, Sierra, Angel, Whipped Caviar, Sweet Pink, Audrey and Strawberry Daiquiri. I hope I helped you choose with that list haha! :D

  5. @Juju : thant shade's nice too! fresh and dainty, the color is perfect for summer.

  6. @Stefistic8ed : Thank you sis! <333 Those 2 shades are on my wishlist too!

  7. @Peeuh : Sa finish, I dont see much of a difference between the effect, its just that with soft matte lip creams, you would have to wait a couple of minutes for the formula to dry to a matte finish before you can add another layer for intensity, with these lipsticks, I guess its much easier to use since you have to swipe until you achieve the desired intensity of color, no need to wait for the product to dry before you can pile another layer.

    The effect is pretty much the same, they both feel soft on the lips and they are both non-drying although matte lip products would give you that "Dry" feeling on the lips, once you wipe the product off your lips, you would see that its not even dry at all.

  8. Another amazing post! Great job! ^_^

  9. liked angel,tea rose, natural and strawberry daiqiri..

  10. You have one of the cutest lips ever! The pink shades look great on you :)

  11. all of them looks nice on you. lemming for these so badly but last time I checked, the shades I wanted were OOS at digital traincase, so will have to wait. =))

  12. great swatches! been wanting Indie Flick and Maison ever since... hay.

  13. i love all of it!!!! do you own all shades?? if yes, then your a lucky girl!!!

  14. woah! mas marami akong favorites dito than the round lipstick shades! :D SHOCKING PINK ALL THE WAYYYY!

  15. hoy japjap!

    nguso mo talaga andanda!

  16. angel and Merlot my faves from this collection!
    they remind me of San Paulo/Pabli and Antwerp of the matte cream collection :"> im just into these colors lately and i want a light orange one but i think its too much for me lolz

  17. I love whipped caviar, audrey, alabama, and perfect red! :)

  18. i have alwalys loved NYX! It's too bad i can't find a store that sells them in Manila.
    I might just try ordering online!:)

    Thanks for this!

  19. nice lips =)
    sorry im color blind
    if you don't mind can you help me with the color description of these colors: natural, tea rose, sierra, and strawberry daiquiri?

  20. ganda ng shocking pink (been lemming this for quite awhile), perfect red and audrey.. OOS si shocking pink nalulungkot ako.. Audrey's a perfect MLBB for you.. tingin ko sakin din.. hehe..

  21. Sis, sa swatches mo, ang close ng strawberry daiquir at sierra - parang darker lang ng konti yung sierra. Tama ba ako o naduduling lang? LOL I'm thinking kasi na bilhin yung sierra at baka makuha ko din yung effect ng strawberry daiquiry pag lighter ang application. Do you think this is wise? Hindi ko pa kasi natatry ang matte l/s ng Nyx. TIA! :D

  22. I love everything! But may I know what you recommend for morenas?:D

  23. wahh, loads of NYX lippies...difficult to they are all so pretty!! thanks for sharing the swatches..^_^~

  24. which is better? :) soft matte lipcreams or eto?:)

    1. I guess it would boil down to one's preference sis, the matte lipsticks tend to have a drier texture than the creamy texture of soft matte lip creams, though theyre both non-drying mas merong phantom feeling of dryness ng lips with the lipstick.

  25. how do you keep your lips so pretty? :)

  26. Actually all the colors are likable its just that Angel for me stands out.
    cosmetics online


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